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Bag Lady Now asks…How Do Women Find The Right Handbag?

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How do women find the right handbag. By the famous designer’s name painted on the side. A stylish, popular brand name can say much about its wearer. It can say she is the gal with common sense, great taste, and a sporty attitude.

It can say she’s sexy, cute, fun, and happy. It can say she’s the right person for a fabulous job, fine college, snooty club, or trendy gym. She fits in.


It’s obvious why a woman would want an authentic brand name bag. A well known designer means status. Status means security.


Status means class. If she has class she will be successful and popular.
A brand carries with it a multitude of hidden meanings. makcik makcik

It is one way a good, solid bag is found. The brand has meaning to the owner beyond the meaning of the item. The bag has an auraspan>

The idea of the handbag has changed. They were until as recently as the nineteen sixties, smaller an more sensible looking than they were carry cases for a day of adventures.

The handbag carried a pen, a change purse, keys, and a lipstick. Nowadays, it needs to hold more. They are found on the basis of their practicality and good looks.

Vintage bags like the little velvet ones with fringe worn in the nineteenth and early twentieth century are still delightful, but aren’t worn buy tom boys who need a tough bag.

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Little bags and bags made from finer stuff require the wrist, held carefully, not to be banged around, and they can only hold a card, a key, and a lipstick. No one wants to be weighted down.

Purses and bags must never weight down their owners.
On the other hand, today’s gear oriented society with its love of gadgets, keeps trying to make bags which reflect that ultra high tech sensibility and which are still stylish.

Like a laptop cover, bags can mean business and have flowers all over them.
Most of all, those who have bag collections add to them for variety. Therefore locating the right purse means finding something that isn’t like everything else in the closet.

Usually, also, bags get tired and old. They break and need replacing, so a female is likely to procure bags that will last, but which are not be too bulky, awkward or heavy.

She’ll find them to go with her activities, like work, sports, kids, dates and evenings, or to wear with special outfits.

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Designer bags almost always carry a brand of some kind, either worked into the fabric, the clasp, or garishly stitched and emblazoned to the outside. Such a signature means that the wearer can afford this bag and has designer loyalty.

This can often be an incentive to purchase a bag and to wear it often.
So, in summary, women are as idiosyncratic as bag designers, and brand names tend to classify them into groups who belong or follow the brand.

How women find the right handbag is often by brand identification but its not always the most exciting way to do it.

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Many women spend a great deal of their lives trying to find the perfect handbag. So how do women find the right handbag?

For some it is vintage bags and is part and parcel of being a collector, they do it because they are passionate collectors, searching for the perfect designer handbag from a bygone era or are vintage fans.

Part of the allure of owning a vintage handbag is that you will stand out from the crowd. You are unlikely to find yourself at an event carrying the same “it” bag of the season that everyone other women has slung over their arms.

Another reason lies in the craft that went into making handbags and purses in days gone by before mass production became the norm.

Of course for true collectors of vintage handbags there is the joy of the chase and the thrill of the hunt.

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Although antique and rare object dealers are quick off the mark to check out the merchandise at the local fairs, yard sales, and auctions there is still the chance that if you know what you are looking for you will find the perfect vintage bag to add to your collection.

While many of us think of handbags as a modern invention they were used by both women and men in medieval times and early hunter-gatherers would have used bags made out of skin to carry their belongings in.

In the early part of the 19th century bags became items of fashion and symbols of status. From beaded bags to bags made out of Lucite in the 1950s you can find a vintage bag for almost every occasion.

Although we most often think of bags as being made of leather all sorts of material have been made.

In the 1960s for instance the passion for plastic inspired designers such as Mary Quant and Biba who used the psychedelic craze of the day to put together bags covered in flowers, bright colours and swirling patterns.

Vintage handbags have a story to tell about the times they were created in. For instance during the war a shortage of leather saw many designers turn to bamboo and cane for the handles of their creations.

In the 1950s raffia and straw became popular materials.

While the leather used for handbags today is mostly cow hide vintage bags come in a variety of exotic leathers from snake to crocodile skin. Often these skins were dyed and in the the boom of the Ostrich feather fashion craze Ostrich skin handbags became popular items.

As with all vintage and purchases you want to ensure that the handbag you buy is in good condition.

In the case of Lucite which is a brittle material check for cracks or strong chemical smells as these indicate deterioration.

With leather you can expect a reasonable amount of wear-and-tare, check lining for tares and fraying, and keep in mind why you are buying the bag: if it is just as a fashion statement a little fraying may not bother you or can be fixed, but if you are buying a vintage bag for an investment then you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality possible.

If you are a vintage fan look out for the designers signatures on the next interesting old bag you see on sale, most of these bags were signed in some way by their designers, you might find yourself with either the perfect accessory or an investment item that you can treasure and pass on to your daughter one day.

Apart from attending sales you might also want to look at websites and online stores that specialize in answering the important question: How do women find the right handbag? Author : Judi Jaques


A bag for mom

With mothers’ day coming around every year, let’s take a look at bag solutions that mom’s a really looking for.


As a young mom, I really liked the deeper pocketed shoulder bags, that were comfortable to carry, and could store a bunch of items in.

As my children grew, this wasn’t so much of a preference. So moving away from the shoulder bags to the handbags or clutch purses as I was also a working women again was a better option.


Professional women like to complement their outfits with matching bags or purses. So keeping in mind the style of the lady, when buying a new bag for her is key.

Bags that have heaps of areas can be a turn off for off putting for some ladies, as they find it too confusing when they want to find something in a hurry.

However, others would prefer this, as they can compartmentalize their handbags often like their lives, and the handbag with many pockets is often great for the multi-tasker.

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Whichever, bag you select for the lady in your life that you want to impress, remember always, that mom’s love to receive the gift of a handbag for mother’s day.