New Bag


A few years ago, the New York Times published several articles on the necessity to get the "new bag". The "new bag" was bigger and bolder. It was nearly the size of a suitcase. Since that article, design has gone out of all proportion.

How do women find the right handbag? Is not the question, it finds them.
Beyond all other, these accessories are highly personal, places in which to keep intimacies and they dictate distinctive fashion sense.

They transform casual clothing into elegant dinner wear. The gown into a camping garment, depending on the look, size, shape and material.

It was in the late forties that purses transformed from demure, sensible career girl numbers to the eel-catching shapes and patent leatherette of the post-war fifties. Fashion escalated.

Females wore what they pleased. This was great for clever designers. Purses and bags are often found based on their ability to stand out.

Indeed, nowadays, with all their many pockets, seams, zippers, and handles, in every conceivable fabric, bags have a mind of their own. Strong minds will choose ones with personality, zippers, snaps, buckles, chains, multiple colors, loud, screaming, dangerous looking types.

Women are boring who carry purses that look sensible and blend in.

They don't really work, meaning, they usually cant fit stuff and do nothing for one's attire. These are generally black, tan, blue or gray.

In all truth definitions have changed, and purses have been superseded by 'bags.' Bags differentiate by being larger and more outrageous.

Other gals utilize backpacks, fanny packs, and macrame for worn out ideas that they are liberated. A great choice of bag, however, can tell much about its owner. They are often the first thing a potential lover or employer notices and this is one incentive in finding them.

On average more than ten different bags for all of their official "looks" plus a few extras worn annually, or with one specific outfit, are the basis of a typical closet.

Sometimes they are shopped for in accordance with trends and other times they are bought to look like a particular dress or outfit.

Women love old fashioned handbags from other eras, vintage 50s, and 60s looks, or even older, little velvet bags that hang on the wrist.

Most importantly however, the right find is an expression of activity and mood. It's a combination of the two. So, they are found on the basis of what the woman is going to be doing with them.

Hiking utilizes a fanny pack and backpack, practical and dry. Dinner calls for something smaller, lightweight, matching. Its the end of the day and no need to lug around books or papers.

During peak business hours, a large thing, with lots of pockets for lunch, papers, cosmetics, a spare set of shoes, which looks good, is desirable.
Bottom line, the bag must be the epitome of comfort whether elegant or sporty.

It needs to do the job. How do women find the right handbag, by finding the handbag that holds their stuff.