Women and handbags go hand in hand

women and handbags go hand in hand
Women and handbags go hand in hand. Not being able to find what you’re looking for may make you wonder how do women find the right handbag.
First of all, it sometimes, but certainly not always, helps to know what you’re looking for. There are vintage bags, which offer a huge array of alluring creations.

Designer bags are an option, especially if you are particularly fond of a certain designer. Some women will only chose brand name bags, while others don’t even consider the name, only what the bag has to offer.

If you are interested in versatility, take mental inventory of what you need your purse or handbag to do for you. Many compartments can offer more organization, possibly less clutter, and therefore convenience and a wider range of uses.

The well thought out handbag purchase can make life so much easier for a very long time.

If you asked most women if their main idea behind buying a purse was to add convenience and organization to their life, I believe that would be a resounding no. It has to have the right look.

Flashy, sporty, funky, goofy, playful, romantic, exotic. Then there’s eco-friendly, handmade, vintage, unique yard sale finds… The list is endless. Organization would be a bonus.

We are all impulse buyers on some level. We see what it looks like from the outside, and give no consideration to what’s happening on the inside. That’s why we have a gigantic collection of handbags in our attics.

Our daughters claim them as their own, and stuff them with countless half used lipsticks, eyeshadows, crayons, and toys. We have nieces that are grasping for our ‘hand-me-down’ bags as soon as we relax our grip.

We buy for the look of the purse, but most often not the ‘fit’. When it comes to a reason for buying handbags, we don’t need one. We just want the bag when we see it. That’s it.ReUseIt.com

But there is one reason women collect so many handbags – they are fun. There is no other way to look at it. When purchasing your new bag, make it pleasurable, and no guilt.

There are no rules when it comes to these cheerful, magical, pieces of attire, regardless of how you acquire them. There are so many choices out there that you’ll be sure to find one with your name on it, literally, or otherwise.

There are days that you grab a purse that is meant to serve a specific purpose, and then you get home. You can’t get your mind off that darling little over the shoulder tote that kept whispering to you, take me home, I’m perfect for you.

It keeps popping into your head over the next few days, and before you know it, you’re back in the same store, purchasing the beckoning little satchel that should have come home with you from the very beginning.

Like the homeless sprightly kitten that you just can’t leave behind – cute, adorable, and you just know was meant for you, it’s finally found it’s home.
So when you’re wondering how do women find the right handbag, remember – it’s the same way that most of us do; any way they can.